Vol 43 Issue 3

MagazineVol 43#3April 2022

Publisher: Rod&Rifle Ltd | Country of origin: New Zealand | Language: English

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May/June Issue – onsale 25th April 2022

• Bucks ‘n’ Gobblers … and those darn parries! by Jay Johnson
• The Full Package – Part Two by Sarah Cotching
• Ageing Fallow Bucks on the Hoof by Bre Lewis
• Metal in your Meat? A global research study by Eric Buenz
• A Day of Days by Luke Bertram
• Ladies Tahr Hunt by Bre Lewis
• Tier 1 Deer by Ben Brown
• Reloading for Accuracy by John Herbert
• Hunting Legends SERIES Rex Forrester: Delivering the Dream by Kevin J. Whitelaw
• Summer Waterfowl 2022 by Jarrad Mehlhopt
• Hunt Rivers, Hunt Light by Lyndon Norman
• Building Your Own ‘Old School’ Duck Decoy Spread by Daniel Merritt
• Cruising the Beaches of Baja California Sur, Mexico by Matt Butler
• Braided River Magic by Dave Benfell


• Spika Drover 25L Pro Pack by Phil Caira

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