Vol 42 Issue 4

MagazineVol 42#4June 2021

Publisher: Rod&Rifle Ltd | Country of origin: New Zealand | Language: English

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July/August Issue – onsale 28th June 2021

Dream Trip on the Wapiti River by Ethan Todd
The Aotearoa Game-Bird Grand Slam Driven by Passion by Possum Philburn
• Through the Looking Glass by Bre Lewis
• Noobs in Paradise by Dale Sato
• Gear Selection: Editors Tips by Dave Benfell
• Finding Gold by Rob Johnstone
• Firearms Safety Rule # 7: Avoid both alcohol and drugs when handling firearms by Kerry Adams
• Monday Madness by Cole Ritchie 
• Setting up Your Ballistic Solver by John Herbert
• Patience, Perseverance, Proximity and Precision by Simon Fowler
• Hunting Legends SERIES The Now-Faded Trail of Stalker Frederick Furkert – Part Two by Kevin J. Whitelaw
• Vortex Mountain Challenge 2021 by Dave Benfell
• Chasing Winter Monsters by Graeme Marshall 
• “Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent”
– Really? by Adrian Bell


• BACKLANZ Detachable Carbon Bipod by Dave Benfell
Hunters Element Sleet Jacket by Ben Brown
• Adaptive Tactical Tac-Hammer Barrel and Stock Pimp my 10/22 by John Herbert
• FSS Suppressed 410-Gauge Shotgun by Craig O’Neill
Sea to Summit Telos TR2 Plus Tent by Ben Brown
• Ridgeline 35L Day Hunter Plus Pack by Phil Spahn  

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