Vol 42 Issue 1

MagazineVol 42#1December 2020

Publisher: Rod&Rifle Ltd | Country of origin: New Zealand | Language: English

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January/February Issue, including 2021 Calendar – onsale 14th December 2020

Alpine Stags & Scumbags by Willis Macbeth
• Second Shot Redemption by Alex Ritchie
• Maximising Game Meat Quality at Home SERIES Alternatives to Aging – Part Three by Bre Lewis
Lure of the Velvet by Midge Van Boxtel
• Developing a Survival Mindset SERIES Forgaging – Edible Plants of New Zealand – Part Three by Ash Budd
Paying it Forward by Jesica Murphy
• Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Management by Captain Steve Collins
• Firearms Safety Rule # 4: Identify Your Target Beyond All Doubt by Kerry Adams
Hunting Legends SERIES Through the Telescope with Guide Donald Bell – Part One by Kevin J. Whitelaw
• The Deer Cullers’ Mailbox by Kevin J. Whitelaw
The Mighty Mot … a tale of a 20-year dream by John Kesler
Wild and Free – Respecting our salmon and the rivers that support them … by Adrian Bell


The Mossberg MVP LC Rifle in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO Calibre by Craig O’Neill
• Night Vision on a Budget – Pard NV008 LRF Night Vison Scope by John Herbert
The versatile all-rounder hunting scope – Swarovski Z5 by John Herbert
Sauer 404 XT Carbon by Jeremy Hanaray
Osprey Aether 65 by Ben Brown
Sierra MatchKing and GameKing Bullet Review – Part Two by Jeremy Hanaray
• Book Review – Fly-Fishing in New Zealand. What you NEED to know


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