Vol 41 Issue 6

MagazineVol 41#6October 2020

Publisher: Rod&Rifle Ltd | Country of origin: New Zealand | Language: English

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November/December Issue, including 2020 Gear Guide – onsale 19th October 2020

PURE BLISS with PURE SALT by James Grant
• Bush Bulls  & Steep Hills by Chris Rouse
• The Challenge of Hunting with Kids! by Sally Newall
• Maximising Game Meat Quality at Home SERIES Aging – Part Two by Bre Lewis
• Pushing the Reset Button by Portia Clayton
• Developing a Survival Mindset SERIES Five Basic Survival and Bushcraft Skills for an Emergency – Part Two by Ash Budd
• It’s Raining Goats and Pigs by Martin Robertson
• Home Detention and a Full Larder SERIES Mushrooms and Ducks – Part Two by Philip Spahn
• Learning on the Job by Alex Ritchie
Hunting Legends SERIES Gary Joll’s Trophy Dream – Part Three by Kevin J. Whitelaw
• Firearms Safety Rule # 3: Load a Firearm Only When Ready to Fire by Kerry Adams
Born to be wild – The Natural Approach to Salmon Management by Adrian Bell


• Crispi Super Granite GTX® Boot Review by Ben Brown
• Swazi Huttie Pants and Skål Cap by Kate Bryant
• Sierra MatchKing and GameKing Bullet Review by John Herbert
• Ruger American Rimfire Long-Range Target – The Better .22 by John Herbert
• Bushnell Nitro 1800 by Steve Meadows
• Huntech Tussock Jacket by Cody Becker

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