Vol 40 Issue 4

MagazineVol 40#4June 2019

Publisher: Rod&Rifle Ltd | Country of origin: New Zealand | Language: English

In this issue

  • Browning Pass – A 5 Day Adventure By Michael Walker
  • Tahr with a Bow By Mike Mclunie
  • Our Backyard by Craig Cooper
  • Scoping Out New Hunting Areas SERIES – Stag & Chamois an April Alpine Double by Willis Macbeth
  • Taxidermy SERIES – Get Stuffed by Virginia Long
  • Dogs, Bullers & 222s By Jason Hart
  • Hunting Heavily Pressured Areas By Dave Benfell
  • DIY Biltong by Francois Barbeau
  • Hunting Legends – Erlton Wilson’s Classic Otago Trophy of 1929 by Kevin J. Whitelaw
  • From Target to Terrain by Jay Johnson
  • NZ Rod&Rifle Fishing Guide July / August by Jack Gauld
  • Lakes with SoftBait By Adam Royter
  • Spoilt for Choice By Nicholas Love
  • Training Sessions by Clark Reid
  • Thompson/Center T/CR22 Rifle by John Herbert
  • Vortex Scope by Dave Benfell
  • Miroku MK60 by Gary Girvan
  • RCBS ChargeMaster Lite by Jared Hearsey
  • Ridgeline Evolution Jacket by Ben Brown
  • Ledlenser MH11 by Nicholas Love

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