NZ Rod&Rifle Suppressor Test

This was a test we wanted to run for a while. New Zealand shooters and hunters started embracing suppressors on centre fire rifles around 20 years ago and we haven’t looked back since then. There are many different options available on the New Zealand market, some produced locally and some imported. There are virtually no US made suppressors commonly available as the Americans see them as dangerous devices that need to be controlled, yet here in NZ, they are viewed quite differently. In New Zealand, we see a number of benefits. Firstly the reduction of muzzle blast can help the hunter disguise their position; it’s the muzzle blast that is directional while the supersonic crack of the projectile is not, so an animal in hearing the crack is often unable to determine the direction it has come from. I have seen this phenomenon on many occasions when hunting. The next advantage is the reduction of recoil; to be clear a suppressor won’t reduce recoil like a well-designed muzzle brake which can reduce felt recoil by up 60%, but a suppressor can reduce felt recoil by up to 25%. A suppressor can in some instances help with accuracy. The suppressor affects barrel harmonics and while this is an article in itself the net result is often tighter groups. The final positive for the suppressor is protecting our hearing, the hearing of our fellow hunters and shooters and even the dogs we hunt with. (11 pages, First published in October/November 2017 in NZ Rod&Rifle Magazine)



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