New Zealand's Hunting Legends - Book Three

Most of these hunting adventures took place long ago. They involve individuals just like you and I – sporting hunters who were attracted to New Zealand’s high country in pursuit of wild game animals and the chance of a trophy. Their experiences are recounted within these pages in an effort to provide an idea of where and how many of our finest antlered and horned trophies were taken. Successes were sometimes only achieved after repeated expeditions and the hard physical determination that’s required in our great outdoors.

Based on NZ Rod&Rifle published articles by Kevin J. Whitelaw about New Zealand’s iconic hunters of the past.

  • Fred Furkert
  • The Deans Brothers
  • Ethne Herrick
  • Donald Bell
  • Erlton Wilson
  • The Studholmes
  • Fraser Cooper
  • Rex Forrester
  • Gary Joll
  • Walter Somerville



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